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Cambridge Reptiles and Exotics opened in January 2000. Our goal is to provide Cambridge and the surrounding areas, with quality, captive bred, exotic animals and aftercare service that is second to none.

Our team has been keeping and breeding reptiles for over 25 years. We work closely with vets, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience we wish to share with our customers. We also recognise that poor husbandry and bad advice are usually the cause of common ailments and ill health, so we wont sell starter kits or products that could be detrimental to your pets health.

Whether it be high-end Royal Python Morphs or a pet Tortoise for your garden, we are always happy to help and advise!

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Not the best way to deal with a highly venomous snake

How to deal with the second most venomous snake in the world...

Posted 1 day, 7 hours ago

How to deal with the second most venomous snake in the world...

Something to consider
It's that time of year again and the cold days/nights are drawing in.
We are now seeing a lot of customers having issues with their tortoises trying to hibernate already. We are seeing more of this each year with tortoise tables. It isn't because they want to hibernate it's because they are to cold and starting to shut down. Hibernation is very demanding on a tortoise and is only done in the wild through necessity. It isn't necessary to hibernate tortoises and infact the males only need a short cooling period for improved fertility the following year.
We know many orgs reccomend these but through our many years experience these can be very detrimental to a tortoises well being in an older colder house.
Imagine taking the roof off your home and trying to keep warm.
Tortoise tables were designed as med Spurs in particular can get RNS in poorly ventilated vivarium. This is like a perpetual cold that can keep re occurring.
But homes do have bad ventilation in winter so air quality can be poor. As we close all windows and turn the heating up.
So sometimes adding an open topped enclosure will not help air quality.
We have had tottal success with keeping tortoises in vivariums and just a small gap in the window will help keep the room and the tortoise in a much better well heated and ventilated environment.
We know there's lovers and haters of vivs and table tops. Just some food for thought if your tortoise is slowing down. It isn't because it wants to its because it has to because of its external conditions.

Posted 3 days, 5 hours ago

Dwarf herman tortoises will be available soon, breeding groups or individual adults and juveniles, max size: 6inches :-)

Posted 3 days, 9 hours ago

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